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Diamond Jewelry

Fine Diamond Rings
Fine Diamond Rings
Fine Diamond Earrings
Fine Diamond Earrings
Fine Diamond Bracelets
Fine Diamond Bracelets
Fine Diamond Necklaces and Pendants
Fine Diamond Necklaces and Pendants


Browse Our Wide Selection of Diamond Jewelry 


The shine, the shape, the sharp slant of the stone. There’s nothing else in the world like a diamond. This gem decorates many pieces of jewelry in the JR Jewelers collection for good reason. Its unmatched popularity makes it an ideal gift for anyone. It’s come to symbolize love and commitment, because so many couples embrace diamond engagement rings. When you search for jewelry for the one you love, diamonds probably pop to the top of your mind.


One reason for that is the diamond’s versatility. Because diamonds can be cut to different shapes, they can be made to match the jewelry, giving them a great deal of adaptability. Diamonds look exquisite in bracelets, on pendants, in earrings and on rings. Choosing this stone for your loved one shows how much you appreciate them day after day.


Diamond jewelry stands as a daily reminder of your special bond. When you buy a diamond as a gift, you make a gesture of commitment. As everyone knows, diamonds are forever, and there’s no greater promise of everlasting devotion in our culture.


Finding the Right Diamond Jewelry for You or a Loved One


Of course, diamond jewelry doesn’t have to be limited only to gifts for our customers in the United Satates and Internationally. You can buy diamonds for yourself as well. Why not reward yourself for that promotion or reaching a long-strived-for personal milestone? And with so many choices for your diamond jewelry, you can find one that celebrates your accomplishment perfectly.


We offer fine diamond jewelry such as:


  • Rings: Diamond engagement rings remain popular, but wedding bands encrusted with diamonds and exotic designs such as flowers and butterflies also get our customers talking.
  • Earrings: For those who want to go beyond elegant diamond studs, we have hanging, hoop, clover and other varieties. You’ll hear compliments all day long when our diamond earrings top off your outfit.
  • Bracelets: From glittering diamond tennis bracelets to bangle bracelets that reflect your fashion plate status, our bracelets suit all different tastes.
  • Necklaces and pendants: Convey what’s important to you with a diamond necklace that tells a story. Keys, hearts, infinity symbols, crosses and more show people what you value in life, reminding you each day of what anchors you.

How Can We Assist You With Your Diamond Jewelry Purchase?


At JR Jewelers, we believe jewelry is like a fine wine. It should be savored. You should take your time and put thought into exactly what type of jewelry you want to give or buy for yourself. We won’t hurry you or pressure you to make a decision. At our online jewelry store, customers move at their own pace as we answer any questions that may come up about the style or pricing.


We appreciate the trust you put in us to assist you, so we help you in other ways, too. We offer price matching and free shipping on any online purchase. We also promise a 30-day money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with your jewelry. Are you ready to invest in a new piece of diamond jewelry? Contact JR Jewelers today to get started.