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Buy Loose Diamonds From a Trusted Jeweler


A popular desire among many people who want to custom-build their own engagement and wedding rings is to buy loose diamonds for sale. If you’re searching for loose diamonds, we recommend always buying from a trusted jeweler like JR Jewelers. We’ve spent generations helping people from all over the United States and Internationally uncover the perfect loose diamonds for their needs. Use our special loose diamond search to make the process as easy as possible.


Factors to Consider When Buying Loose Diamonds


It’s essential for anyone who buys loose diamonds to keep these considerations in mind when making selections:


  • Carat – Are you looking for a 1-carat, 2-carat or 3-carat loose diamond online? Or do you want a diamond that’s a little smaller or bigger? You should have a basic idea of your preferred size when you’re searching for loose diamonds.
  • Shape – Loose diamonds are cut into many shapes, such as the popular princess cut, cushion cut and round brilliant cut. Our guide gives you image guidelines so you can see how each shape looks from above.
  • Color – Diamonds are graded according to their color. The higher the grade, the whiter the diamond.
  • Clarity – The clarity of loose diamonds determines how many flaws are intrinsically in the stone. A higher clarity rating indicates fewer inclusions in the gemstone.
  • Price – What is your budget for a loose diamond? Remember to factor in your price to build your dream special occasion ring into your overall budget.


GIA- vs. AGS-Certified Loose Diamonds for Sale: Review Certifications Before Buying Online

In addition to knowing those important factors, you should also educate yourself about what types of certifications are available when you purchase loose diamonds. There are two main types: GIA and AGS.


What Are GIA-Certified Diamonds?


GIA stands for Gemological Institute of America. The independent, nonprofit group was established to educate the public about gemstones in the hopes that people could protect themselves by learning more about the stones they want to buy. GIA does a lot of gemological investigations to back up its recommendations.


A GIA-certified diamond has been graded on the four Cs:


  • Carat weight
  • Cut
  • Clarity
  • Color


GIA has the most stringent grading system of any gemological group, and it’s also known as the most consistent evaluator. When you buy loose diamonds for sale that have been GIA-certified, you get the peace of mind that comes from excellent oversight. JR Jewelers is proud to sell GIA-certified diamonds.   


What Are AGS-Certified Diamonds?


AGS stands for American Gem Society, and it was the first group in the United States to offer diamond cut grades using a scale of zero to nine. AGS is known for having exacting standards as well and also evaluates on the four Cs. While it’s not quite as highly respected as GIA, it ranks a close second, and it’s known for grading consistently across the many different types of diamonds. When you look for loose diamonds for sale, you can breathe easier if you see they are AGS-certified.


The Benefits of Buying GIA- and AGS-Certified Diamonds


Not all loose diamonds have been certified by these organizations. The International Gemological Institute and Gemological Science International also offer certification, though these sources are considered somewhat less exacting. Still, it’s important to get some sort of third-party verification of the claims about any piece of jewelry, so you get the stone you are expecting.


The advantages of purchasing GIA- and AGS-certified loose diamonds include:


  • Quality assurance: You want to know the gift you buy for someone else or the treat you splurge on for yourself is worth what you pay for it. Since you may not be a diamond expert, it always makes sense to get the opinion of one through these organizations.
  • Ease of cost comparison: If you want to compare prices on diamonds, you want to know they’re of roughly the same quality. It’s easier to do this when you know the certification of both items.
  • Trustworthiness: You can rest assured that a jeweler who sells GIA- and AGS-certified diamonds has legitimate inventory. They aren’t trying to pull one over on customers by selling subpar-quality jewels.
  • Value: When you have a GIA or AGS certificate, you have a document that will be recognized for years to come. It’s not just your word that the diamond has worth. You have qualified professionals to back you up.  


Get Exceptional Loose Diamonds for Sale Today


We offer AGS- and GIA-certified loose diamonds for sale for discerning shoppers who want to bring home the best-quality diamond available to make their jewelry extra special. The loose diamonds you’ll find at JR Jewelers have all been selected for their attractiveness. We’re pleased to offer you a wide range of loose diamonds so you can create a ring or other piece of jewelry that will be uniquely yours.


Have You Considered Buying Loose Diamonds?

Sometimes, it can be difficult to find the exact piece of jewelry you want. Although you browse through hundreds of rings and other items, you may not uncover the perfect selection for your needs. In this case, you may want to consider buying loose diamonds.


Many of our online loose diamond clients come to us with a passion for diamonds and a desire to create their own rings. They may already have a setting in mind, or they may want to use a ring setting that was handed down to them. In each case, we provide personalized attention to meet and exceed expectations, as well as offer a beautiful result.


When shopping for loose diamonds, it is important to consider the availability of larger sizes, such as one-carat and two-carat diamonds. Many jewelers say they offer loose diamonds but do not carry these popular carat sizes in the clarity, cut and color clients prefer.


At JR Jewelers, we supply all carats of loose diamonds and have many to choose from in one-carat and two-carat ranges. This gives you a better selection and allows you to perfectly match your needs with the correct diamond for your style.


Buy Round Diamonds at JR Jewelers

The round diamond cut is a popular shape and a favorite among JR Jewelers clientele. Purchase a round diamond today from the largest selection of online diamonds, where you will always have the peace of mind that comes with purchasing from a trusted jeweler with years of experience in the loose diamond selling business.


Find Princess-Cut Diamonds

Like the round cut, the princess cut seems to always be in style. For generations, women have sought princess cut diamonds to create one-of-a-kind rings and other jewelry pieces. Today, loose princess-cut diamonds are available at our online diamond store in all shapes and sizes. You can also discover unusually colored princess-cut diamonds to satisfy your unique tastes.


Look for Pear-Shaped Diamonds

Did you know that the pear-shaped diamond has emerged as a hot option for modern loose diamond buyers? Pear-shaped diamonds have an asymmetrical flair that stands out. Let our pear-shaped diamond experts show you the ways you can maximize this wonderful type of diamond in your next ring.


Try Solitaire Diamonds From JR Jewelers Online

You want one diamond to steal the show. In your mind, only the finest solitaire will do. We agree! That’s why our solitaires are some of the most exceptional around.


Buy Affordable Loose Diamonds for Your Special Wearable Pieces

You might have worried that diamond shopping was out of your budget. The truth is that when you purchase loose diamonds, you can get incredible value for your dollar.


JR Jewelers offers loose diamonds under $2,000 as well as loose diamonds under $5,000. This allows you to create the right look at the right price for your situation. Don’t allow a misunderstanding about the cost of diamond jewelry to keep you from browsing our expansive diamond collection online.