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Buying an engagement ring can be quite confusing, especially if you have to choose between several precious metals. Yellow gold and white gold engagement rings are the most popular choices, but with the entrance of titanium and platinum, more options are now available for those who are planning to get engaged.

The number one advantage of white gold is its price. It’s the cheapest when compared to others and yet it’s very beautiful.  It’s not however as durable and damage resistant compared to titanium and platinum, but compared to yellow gold, white gold is more durable due to the addition of other metals that serve as an alloy. Since it was used as a jewelry piece, white gold has continued to attract a huge following with its durability and longevity never in questioned. Against silver, white gold is still the choice of many. It can very well hold its own.

There might be a need of additional filling jobs later, but maybe once or twice throughout its lifetime and that’s not too much considering its low price. More  couples are finding it  practical in choosing white gold engagement rings because of its affordability. In addition to this, diamonds seem to have a perfect affinity to it. The precious stone looks better in white gold since they complement each other very well.  Diamonds are more at home when they’re paired with white gold.

White gold calls less attention to itself, showcasing the virtues of the diamond instead of itself. It doesn’t  compete with the diamonds, but politely  stays in the background. Although it’s performing an important task of giving the diamond a ‘home’, it’s humble enough to allow the diamond to shine at its fullest.

People are also less allergic to white gold. Choosing an alloy except nickel will keep those skin rashes away. Always ask what metal is used in making the white gold. Although nickel alloy will give it more hardness it also causes mild allergies. It’s skin friendly and easier to clean than yellow gold, platinum and titanium.

Keep that budget within target without compromising the quality of your engagement ring. We have several designs and styles of white gold engagement rings which you can choose from. Our JR Jewelry experts will help you pick the best white gold material that will enhance your sweetheart’s fingers. This another wonderful attribute of white gold that makes it a fashionable choice among the ladies. It enhances the fingers rather than itself. The finger will soak the beauty of the diamond rather than the metal.

White gold engagement rings are available in 14k and 18k.  The higher the karats the more yellow gold it has. You may need to have it subjected to electrolysis to maintain its silvery color. Again, this will not cost a lot and you will only have do it very few times.

Visit us at JR Jewelers. You won’t be disappointed. Our prices are highly adjustable. If you can show us a jewelry piece whose price is cheaper than ours, then we will reduce our prices lower than that.