wedding band for her

Wedding Bands, where did you get yours?

Are proposals made even better by lovely and impressive engagement rings? Personally, my wife loved the 14 carat yellow gold engagement ring that I gave her almost 35 years ago. It had her first name initial on it. No stones of any kind. I gave it to her not intending the occasion to be an official proposal, but it turned out to be one and I was glad I didn’t have to buy the more expensive type of engagement ring. But do you think I escaped without spending too much. Well, I ended up buying her two sets of wedding bands. I bought the first one 4 years we got married. Her father said no so there was no wedding for that ring.

When it was time for us to get married at last, the rings have been already too small to fit our fingers so I bought another set. I was able to save with my engagement rings, but spent double with my wedding bands.

Funny, but I didn’t care as long as the wedding had at last pushed through. And now I’m still not wearing my wedding bands because after only one year I again grew bigger and the ring wouldn’t fit my fingers anymore. Would you believe I had not been wearing my wedding ring for 30 years now? That would make me a semi married and semi bachelor at the same time. Is there such a thing?

I know it’s easy to have the ring fixed and the size adjusted to my ring finger size. JR Jewelers could have done it easily, but my wife doesn’t trust me wearing any jewelry in my body because according to her I’m the careless type. I can’t blame her since I lost two rings before already. It seemed that the rings had no affinity with my long brown fingers.

Our first wedding bands were a bit wider and made of 22 carat gold.  It was so simple it had no engravings on them and there was not even a single stone to adorn them. But it was very beautiful owing to its high grade of yellow gold. My wife was able to buy a gold nugget from a friend and we had it melted and made into two wedding bands.

The second wedding bands we had we bought them from JR Jewelers. My wife wanted one with more elaborate engraving designs in them this time. The sales clerk was very helpful. My wife can be very meticulous at times, but I appreciated the sales clerk’s patience. She acted a true professional throughout the transaction and we ended up buying a wedding band which is a little narrower than our first set. It had a depression on both sides running the full circle of the ring. That’s all.

It was an enjoyable event buying our wedding bands from JR Jewelers. Since then we have bought other jewels from them and we always look forward to dealing with them.

The wedding bands didn’t fade and it remained as beautiful as the first day we bought them. They are genuine gold. You can trust JR Jewelers to give you nothing but authentic products. And the prices were very reasonable too.