Engagement rings and wedding bands are here!

Classic and traditional engagement rings and wedding bands are always popular options for the bride, although nowadays alternative engagement rings and wedding bands are making a splash in the bridal jewelry market.

Colored diamonds are catching the interest of many women and men alike. Engagement rings with pink diamonds, yellow diamonds, and even black diamonds are hot, hot, hot! Not only do you see celebrities toting around their colored diamond engagement rings and wedding bands, but it has now hot the mainstream brides as well. Men are catching the on to this trend as well with black diamond wedding bands with their modern flair.

Men are also gravitating towards alternative metal wedding bands. Of course, gold and platinum will always be a winner with the men and women alike when it comes to wedding bands, but today wedding bands are so much more versatile than in years past. Alternative metals wedding bands that are usually more affordable than the traditional metals, can be found in abundance at www.jrjewelers.com! Alternative metal wedding bands are made in Tungsten, Titanium, Cobalt, Palladium, Silver, and stainless steal, to name a few!

One of the hottest trends in engagement rings and wedding bands is the use of rose gold. Women absolutely love the feminine look of rose gold engagement rings! Some engagement rings can be found to be made in 100% rose gold, while other engagement rings are made in a combination of rose gold and white gold. At JR Jewelers, we have an extensive selection of rose gold engagement rings and wedding bands. Men’s wedding bands are also very popular nowadays in rose gold.

So, you see trendy engagement rings and wedding bands are full of sophisticated style and can be found online at www.jrjewelers.com or at our retail jewelry store, JR Jewelers, located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.