The holidays are finally over. All those holiday decorations have been taken down and packed away for next year (well, most of them anyway). Now it’s time to settle down for a long, cold, snowy winter.

It’s no wonder so many people experience the post-holiday blues this time of year.

One sure-fire way to cure your post-holiday blues is by doing something special for yourself — such as buying a beautiful piece of new jewelry.

Get Rid of Your Post-Holiday Blues

Here are some tips for curing your post-holiday blues without breaking the bank:

  • Avoid the Famous Names — Stores such as Tiffany’s and Cartier have spent a lot of time, money and effort creating themselves as a prestigious jewelry brand. But unless you’re one of the Rockefellers or a rap star, you probably can’t afford to do more than window shop there. You don’t need to shop at Tiffany’s to get the right piece of jewelry to cheer you up. JR Jewelers has plenty of wonderful jewelry items that are certain to put a smile on your face.

  • Silver Is the New Gold — While gold always seems to get top billing, silver jewelry is has a more stunning presentation and usually is more affordable. Look for jewelry pieces that are sterling silver, which means they are 92.5% silver. Avoid pieces labeled as “nickel silver” or “German silver” which contain no actual silver at all.
  • Pearls of Delight — Another classic option that is in most shopper’s price range are pearls. There are three types of pearls: Natural, cultured and imitation. While most people think are still harvested by half-naked pearl divers who pluck oysters from the ocean’s bottom one at a time, outside of tourist traps this method — natural pearls — is rarely used anymore. Even if you could find them, most people would probably balk at the high price tag. Imitation are the least expensive, but they are basically costume jewelry. Cultured pearls are the ones you want to shop for. They are genuine pearls that have been grown on an oyster farm. Look for pearls that have luster, a shiny surface that appears to have depth. Stay away from pearls that appear dull or cloudy because these are of lower quality.
  • Get a Real Gem — Gemstones are always in style. Like pearls, they come in three types: Natural, synthetic and imitation. Natural gems are mined from the ground. Synthetic gems are created in a laboratory and imitation gems are usually plastic phonies. Both natural and synthetic gems are often enhanced with techniques such as radiation and diffusion. Obviously, synthetics will be more affordable than real gemstones, but they have the same molecular makeup.
  • Get a Rhythm of Love Necklace — If you looking for a high-quality, great looking piece of jewelry to snap you out of the post-holiday blues, look no further than the Rhythm of Love necklace. With its classical style and natural charm, the Rhythm of Love necklace is the perfect addition to anybody’s jewelry collection. Plus, you can wear it with practically anything, from formal to casual. This winter, do something special for yourself. Buy a Rhythm of Love necklace!