JR Jewelers Advises on Investing on the Right Ring

When we find the right person for us, we often feel the luckiest person in the world. There’s nothing like looking forward to building a whole life together with the person you love. But while engagements are considered very romantic, one cannot simply ignore the fact that a quality engagement ring is not exactly cheap. So much so that many are willing to stall their proposal plans until they’ve saved enough money to buy a ring they think their fiancé deserves. With this thought comes the question: how much should one spend on an engagement ring?

There are many dazzling and beautiful rings in the market today. Before you go on an hunt for a ring never forget that, unless you’re Mark Zuckerburg or Bill Gates, you seriously need to think of what rings you can afford. Generally, a ring that empties your bank account or costs about three months worth of your salary is considered expensive. But if you think that it will be worth it then go for it. A lot of men take out a loan just to buy an expensive engagement ring. This isn’t advised as you certainly will need to think of wedding expenses as well as the future. If you’re thinking of getting a ring that you cannot afford with your current salary, saving up for it would be a better idea.

Aside from purchasing your own ability, you also have to take note of your girlfriend’s lifestyle. In addition to worrying about how dainty a ring will look, you will also have to think if it will suit her personality and preferences. Does she have expensive taste? Is she likely to show off the ring to rich and uptown friends? If she is, then getting a cheap ring might not be a good idea. It might even spoil your chances of getting a yes when you pop the big question. However, if your girlfriend is less interested in jewelry and would not probably care if the stone was a diamond or a zirconium then a less expensive engagement ring would do.  In fact, she might find an expensive ring as an additional responsibility as she will have to keep an eye on it most of the time.

Another important thing to think about is an investment. An engagement ring is intended to last a lifetime. Keeping this in mind you might as well save up and invest in a ring of high quality. Not only will a high class ring look beautiful it can also better withstand tarnishing. And if ever the time comes that you will face financial difficulty, a quality ring can get you the money you’ll need.

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