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I still remember the day I proposed to my wife. I gave her a 12 K gold ring with her name initial in it. I’m not a cheapskate but don’t have money that time. I just want to make sure that I’d have her for keeps. I didn’t expect how happy she would be when she received it. It is there I realized that when people are in love with each other, any gift is special when it’s given heartily.

I made it up to her. I bought her two sets of wedding ring. I bought the first set made of 18 k gold band. They are still with us. They’re really beautiful. Then, as the years go by, our fingers grew fatter, so I’ve decided to buy another set, this time it’s 22 k when the wedding date was finally set. I’m giving the first set to my daughter. She will need it next month.

Every time I see my wife wearing the engagement ring, I recall the day I put it on her finger. It never fails to rekindle my love for her. The scene makes my heart grow fonder all these years. The engagement ring really did its magic. We ended up getting married. How I wished I’d given her something more special, not that she ever complained about it. Just like wedding rings, we only give one engagement ring to our beloved.

Lately I surf the internet looking for engagement rings. I was just curious what I would buy for my wife if if I’m going to propose to her today. I was truly impressed looking at them and I know I’d save just to buy one of those medium priced gold rings with a diamond on top of it.

What caught my attention most are those Scott Kay engagement rings. They are delightfully beautiful. I know my wife would be very happy to wear them. The designs are very impressive. They are not overly intricate but still manage to breathe a class totally different from the others. They’d look great in my darling’s finger.

With my wife busy lifestyle, I know she’d love to own one of the modern metals, such as platinum. Then there’s the cobalt metal which is really something to behold. Between the two I’d have a difficult time deciding which to buy for her. They are both scratch resistant and highly durable and very beautiful indeed. A princess cut diamond would suit her fine.  She’s my princess and will always be.

I could never take my eyes off that hand carved wedding rings made in the tradition that the famous jeweler Scott Kay has developed 25 years ago. The tradition lives on and the excellence continues to go higher.  It’s not surprising therefore that it’s the leader in the industry today.

When friends ask me what’s the best engagement ring there is today. I always recommend Scott Kay engagement rings. I also tell them to buy it from JR Jewelers the most trusted online jeweler store where the prices are the lowest anywhere.