It’s a new year and a new opportunity for couples to become engaged.

Engagement Stats for 2015

To understand what’s going on in the world of wedding planning and engagements this year, let’s take a look at some of the key engagement statistics from 2014:

  • Not surprisingly, December remains the most popular month to get engaged. That’s probably because there are so many built-in opportunities during the holidays — giving an engagement ring as a holiday gift, presenting the ring under the mistletoe at a holiday party, asking your mate to marry you while family is already gathered … and, of course, New Year’s Eve!
  • The average length of an engagement was 14.7 months. It takes time to plan a wedding, especially if you want yours to be perfect. So unless you are ready to elope to Vegas, it pays to take your time and get it right. After all, if everything goes as planned, you will only be getting married once! Why not make it count!
  • The average age for the bride was 28, but the average age for the groom was 29. Young people are waiting longer before getting married than they did in previous generations. But that just means they are sowing their wild oats before they say, “I do”.
  • Before getting married, 80% of couples lived together, and 66% of couples lived together before becoming engaged. The societal mores regarding living together have eased and more couples are approaching it as a “test period” to see how they get along with each other prior to making it official.
  • The number of couples who have engagement photos taken is 64%. Engagement photos are often seen as being an old-fashioned concept. After all, there aren’t that many hometown newspapers around that will publish them. You can always put them up on your social media pages, however.

Social Media and Wedding Planning

Speaking of social media, here are some surprising statistics regarding engagements, weddings and social media:

  • More brides are using social media to plan their wedding than every before. Today, 75% of brides-to-be use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social media pages, compared to 56% in 2012.
  • The most popular site for brides-to-be to visit is Pinterest, accounting for 67% of all social media sites visited while planning a wedding. That’s up from 43% in 2012.
  • Women who become engaged still tell their families and close friends first, but 71% said their next move was to post their status on social media as “engaged”.
  • 63% of brides to be use social media or apps to shop for or plan their wedding.
  • More brides are including their social media contacts in their wedding planning, posting photos and information about their cake tastings, banquet hall visits and other preparations. Most draw the line at posting pictures of their wedding dress, however. There’s some things that should remain traditional, after all.
  • Surprisingly, 11% of brides ask guests not to post photos from their wedding day on their social media accounts.

While weddings are still one of the most traditional events in most people’s lives, there are always going to be modern twists.