Engagement rings, are you planning on buying one for your girlfriend?

Danhove engagement ringsYou have several ways to do it. One is to seek advice from friends and relatives. Two, you base it on your personal assessment. Three, you do research by reading tips about how to buy one and fourth, you seek the advice of experts.

One great disadvantage of asking others when buying an engagement rings is that they may not know your beloved that much.

People will suggest what they think your sweetheart would like, when in fact their decision is influenced more by what they really like. They can’t help it. Can you see my point here? People will always suggest something that they want to own. It’s your girlfriend who’d wear it and what she likes may not be the engagement rings that your office co-worker, sister, auntie, or other friends have in mind.

Buying it yourself, even if you do research, won’t be advisable also. There are so many intricacies tied to buying jewelry and there’s a chance that you may buy a flawed or even fake one.

But you’re at a loss because you want it to be a surprise. Asking her a lot of questions will make her suspect that there’s something going on here. And bringing her to buy the engagement ring will entirely lose whatever surprise you’re planning for her.

Buying engagement rings isn’t really difficult if you have expert help. Ask JR Jeweler’s expert opinion and I’m sure your girlfriend will love what they have to suggest.

A woman presented with an engagement rings will accept what you give because she loves you. She’d happily wear it. But this does not mean that you just choose it without exerting effort to ensure that she’s going to like it.

Talk to a  JR Jeweler’s counselor, you’ll know right away that you’re doing the right thing. They won’t ask you how much your budget is. That would be discourteous according to their standards. You’re going to have a lively and enjoyable interview about your girlfriend instead.

They’d ask you what her favorite color, the flowers she likes, the perfume she uses, the color of her hair and eyes, how tall she is and many other questions that will tie her up with the ring that she will really love. Then they’re going to show you several metal and stone combination based on your answers. You can’t miss.

Suppose the combination that you like is beyond your present budget, JR Jewelers has a lay away plan ready for you. Maybe you need one more month extension before you can afford it, they’ll keep the ring for you for a month and then you can get it after you fully pay it.

JR Jewelers has a large selection of engagement rings and choosing one for your lady love will be very easy indeed.

You can extend your payment for more months if you feel you need it. You will be able to afford to give her something that you feel will surely best express your true feeling towards her. Remember your girlfriend will love to wear any ring from you, but it’s up to you to make it a bit more special.