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JR Jewelers would like to offer you a great way to buy your beloved beautiful engagement rings without putting you in debt. Nothing is too good for our beloved, and we splurge on buying engagement rings even if we have to put ourselves in debt. And that’s only the engagement ring. What’ll happen when the wedding comes? I hate to think that after the ceremony, the couple will start with debts rather than with gifts. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be that way if JR Jewelers has its way.

You can get your engagement rings without putting yourself in debt by availing of JR Jeweler’s lay away plan.

Yes, you can also buy your wedding rings the same way you buy your engagement rings: by using JR Jewelers’ lay away plan. I keep on bringing this plan up because JR Jewelers would like to help you start right after you’re married. You’ll have no debts to pay, just beautiful remembrances of the ceremony and the party afterwards. Every time you look at your engagement rings and wedding rings you’ll be proud of the hard work you did to buy those rings.

The lay away plan may be something that you can take advantage of, but it’s not as if you’re forced to buy anything because of the opportunity given to you. Far from it! You can choose the engagement rings that you like without any limitations; feel free to choose the diamond cut that you like and the number of carats that you prefer. JR Jewelers has a vast array of materials at your disposal; that’s very hard for any other jewelry to match, much less surpass.

Okay, here are some of your engagement rings choices according to the diamond cut. There are ArtCarved  rings, Danhov rings, Asscher cut, Princess cut, and Cushion cut. For the precious metals, you have a choice of palladium, white gold, silver, yellow gold, and platinum. These are the best and most valued metals. Despite all that, it’s not how much the metal costs, personal preference most often prevails.

We’ve talked about stone cuts and precious metals, but how about the number of carats that you’d like to adorn the finger of your beloved? Engagement rings are important because they’re the first real test a woman can use to gauge how you feel for her. You may give her chocolates, flowers, and other gift items, but they pale in comparison to engagement rings.

You have to take this one as something special by treating these engagement rings as the first gift you’ve ever given before.

It’s true that when a woman loves us she’ll be happy to receive our best effort. But JR Jeweler is helping you increase the ante with their lay away plan. Your best effort will become even better. It’s an irony, but it works that way. Engagement rings, when they’re offered, are considered the best presents, more than anything else. The wedding ring will have its own separate special date.