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Engagement Rings will survive what the present or future may bring

The trend of buying “your own” engagement rings is slowly catching up. This is now becoming less taboo and is now being accepted by many in principle, but maybe not in practice.  This may be practical among the rich and famous. The ownership of these very expensive engagement rings will not become an issue when there is separation and we know this is more common among the celebrities and the rich.  And it won’t be long now when couples might be buying their own wedding rings. But then again, I don’t think this will catch on, except among those which I have mentioned already.

Engagement rings have become more of show or display items. The feeling of belongingness is still there, but what about commitment?

Being wanted and committed are two different things and engagement rings do not symbolize the latter as much as they did for some. “I want you now, but I’m not sure until when” – is more of the genre right now. It’s more of an emotional thing, a fleeting feeling that may not last very long. Commitment is more than that. You stick by your man or woman no matter what. The portion of the human species that still adheres to this type of relationship may be near extinction.

Can engagement rings, a piece of metal with expensive stones themselves, really bind the bond? What’s the bond that engagement rings are trying to bind? It’s is love of course.  This word has been much abused: Love, lust, desire, feeling, emotion, all of them have become intertwined and the meaning interchanged.  And do you think that circular thing on your finger has magical enchantments to keep the power of love going. And what if love was not there from the very beginning?   What if it’s just a rush of momentary emotions?

How do you know its love? John Lennon may have some ideas about it and he lived it. He even made a composition about it like many other artists like him. Saint Paul has also written about it long before any songs were composed about it. It’s in his Corinthian epistle. Now, if you think your feelings have all the attributes that the epistle contains, then maybe buying an engagement ring and giving it to your lady love is the most logical thing that follows.

There a lot of engagement ring models, brands, designs, styles and so on. Your love for your one and only isn’t measured by the price of the engagement ring you have to offer her.  Engagement rings can be very expensive and if the woman truly loves you, she won’t mind what you can afford to give her. However, don’t make that an excuse to give her something that doesn’t match your status. Try as much as possible to buy one that may require a little sacrifice on your part to show her you’re doing your best.

Engagement rings will survive present and future fads and will continue to give happiness to the object of one’s love.

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Valentine’s day is near, it’s the best time to pop the question up. Doing it during that time will make it more romantic.  They say engagement rings become more valuable when offered during Valentines.