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Why not get engaged this month of June and get married next year in the same month? Is it too long or too short a time for an engagement to have? The question about how long should be an engagement be has been the focus of discussion for those who are planning to get a closer relationship to each other. It’s the final step towards married life for many.

Engagements are usually sealed with engagement rings as tradition dictates.

It’s a wonderful feeling for the guys to slide their engagement rings onto the fingers of their girlfriends. And it’s the same feeling their lady love shares. It’s an exciting and happy occasion. Some do it with friends and relatives around while others, with only the two of them in a beautiful and classy restaurant. The venue may differ, the engagement rings surely will look different, but the intentions and feelings are always the same.

Buying the engagement ring poses some problems for the guys. What if their beloved expects something much better that what they have in mind? I believe that women, who are truly in love with their man, will accept any decent looking engagement ring that you’d offer them. My advice for those who come to me for help is only one. Give an engagement ring that’s beyond your means, but not way over it. The woman you love will appreciate your effort knowing how much you can afford, but you still offered her something much more.

It’ll show how sincere you are in marrying here and it will give her peace of mind knowing that you have the resolve to give her the good things in life but not spoil her. You know how to make her happy and at the same time resourceful enough to give her a comfortable life. Showing off may turn off some women. Don’t be a spendthrift, but don’t spend like a millionaire also even if you can’t afford it.

Some soon to be engaged partners buy the engagement rings together. That’s more convenient on the part of the man knowing that his beloved will get the engagement ring that she really wants. Is it really important to give an engagement ring to our one and only?

That ring will stay with her finger as long as she lives together with her wedding ring. That’s what I know or expect. It carries with it a lot of memories because It was there first.

Some engagement rings end up in an ownership battle. Wedding rings don’t. Or I’ve never heard of any.

One of the most trusted sources of engagement rings is JR Jewelers. They sell a wide variety which includes handcrafted, customized rings. You’ll definitely find what your girlfriend would love to have and you’re not going to miss anything. They offer lay away plans to give you more options and the prices are downright cheap compared to what other jewelry store are selling. If isn’t, tell them and they will make it so for you.