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Engagement Rings, you  buy them first before buying wedding rings

Is June wedding too late already? June is just 3 months away. Would wedding preparations require more than 3 months? Not really. With proper coordination and listing your priorities, you’ll make it in June with more time to spare. The month of June is really famous. Why? According the history it has something to do with Roman tradition.  June is named after Juno the wife Roman god Jupiter. She’s considered as the goddess of marriage. And because of this she’s also the goddess of childbirth. June is the best month to marry if the couple expects to have fruitful relationships as well. That’s how the story goes.

So if you’re planning to have it that month, it’s about time that you should be shopping for engagement rings.

And after that, you will again be going to a jewelry store, this time with your betrothed to look for wedding rings.  If you find the date to close, the month of September is as good as any. You will find it fairly romantic. This is the month when the leaves will begin to fall. Personally, I don’t really give much importance to months and days.  For me the best time to get married is when you fall in love.

So the couple will have the whole year to schedule their marriage vows, choosing any month they like as long as they are ready.  The Romans, going back to them, doesn’t find May a good month to marry. According to their beliefs, that’s the month to commemorate those people who died unhappily. But if you don’t believe in it either, May is also a good month to marry. It’s the month when flowers bloom.

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