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JR Jewelers exclusive franchise dealer of Dora International rings

Dora International is a magnificent ring maker with world wide appeal.  We have been making waves in the handcrafted ring industry as a result of our unwavering drive towards product excellence. No wonder we are the leading jewelry maker around the world. You won’t find any poor workmanship on any of our jewelry more so defects. You’re always ahead if you buy Dora International rings.

Our main aim is to give you the best jewelry alternative if you want something unique and very high in creativity. There’s nothing like it as our designers and artisans combine together their artistic efforts and produced a modern ring with a classic twist. This combination has made our products very popular, especially among couples who are planning to get married.

Our wedding rings are made from several kinds of precious metals. You’ll fall in love the minute you see them. You will both treasure our Dora International wedding rings. You have the option to choose them in white and yellow gold, titanium, platinum and palladium which are considered as powerhouses when it comes to beauty, durability and high quality, the trademarks of our rings.

We know that for most married life is for keeps. It’s always till death do us part. The sacredness of marriage vow is a serious matter and given utmost importance. Nothing comes in between the love that you have for each other, in sickness and health. You promise to stay with each other in richer and poorer. The commitment is everlasting. Our wedding rings fit perfectly the love you have for each other. They won’t fade just like the love you profess between the two of you.

You will find the metal combination so wonderfully set and artistic creativity so amazing. It’s simple, but intricately beautiful; so solid looking and yet very exquisite to the eyes. Smooth to the touch and just the right heaviness to signifying its true value to the last ounce. There’s nothing like them if you try to compare them to other wedding rings.

You will receive an international Dora warranty card, with every purchase you make. This will signify that you purchased an authentic Dora product backed up by a lifetime guarantee from any defects in materials and craftsmanship. It’s an heirloom in the making that will survive generations to come and will become an important part in several weddings in the future as part of something old as opposed to something new. Your wedding ring becomes a part of family tradition.

One very wonderful feature of the Dora International ring warranty is that you can exchange your ring for another one, once, if it becomes too tight or loose as years go by. You don’t need to alter the original ring by bringing it to a jeweler to adjust the fit. That will destroy the true essence of the ring.

Please visit our JR Jewelers website and enjoy the showcase that we have prepared for you about Dora International rings. We’re sure that you’re going to find them truly impressive and magnificent.