Danhove engagement ringsIf it’s Danhov, it’s a lifetime of commitment.

You’re sure you have the engagement ring that you want until you see one of Danhov Engagement Rings and you know you’ll have to get one of those for the love of your life. Their uniqueness is their main attraction and there the beauty lies within. Every ring is designed to attract the most attention, and that’s the least of what they have to offer. Danhov engagement rings were conceived as perfect offerings, a true expression of love meant to last a lifetime, and more. I’d like to say that it’s a good investment buying Danhov ring, but that will be imputing business to an otherwise romantic situation.

Danhov Engagement Rings will be one of heirlooms that are going to be passed through several generations and will always be a part of something old that will be difficult to surpass.

Weddings will ultimately follow, and a Danhov engagement ring is one ring that you can leave as a mother to your son as a special offering to your soon to be daughter-in-law; the traditional item. Engagement rings are part of weddings, the prequel to the inevitable sequel.

JR Jewelers is an authorized dealer of Danhov engagement rings and offer their expertise to assist you find the Danhov ring that’ll fit perfectly into the hands of your beloved. If the price isn’t an object of limitation, you’re going to get a hug and kiss not because of the price but because of the beauty that will surely impress the eyes of your loved one. The metal settings are in superior white gold, yellow gold and now the ever becoming more popular platinum.

The diamond is of the utmost importance. Although the eye catching and breath taking design of Danhov rings are really spectacular, it’s always the stone that gets the grade. JR Jewelers has all the several diamond carats for sale, thousands of them waiting to be a part of your grand design. You know you’re in the right direction when you chose Danhov; touching one and holding it in your palm will let you know that it’s truly precious enough for your precious queen to be.

JR Jewelers sells their Danhov engagement rings at a price range between one thousand three hundred dollars to almost four thousand dollars.

Danhov engagement rings and wedding bands

This doesn’t include the center diamond stone. The center diamond is available in 0.75 CT to 1.5 CT. They sell Danhov engagement rings such as Danhov Abbraccio Ascher and Danhov Abbraccio Halo designs. Shipping is from 3 to 5 days. If the design isn’t available at the time you ordered, you’ll be informed immediately. If upon receiving the Danhov engagement ring and you’re not satisfied with it, you have 30 days to either return it or exchange it with another.

But it’s impossible not to be impressed by Danhov engagement rings which are engraved by master hand crafters who spend all their time and talent fashioning the rings with fascinating and wonderful anatomy. It’s what engagement rings should be; no less, no more.