Danhov engagement rings and wedding bands

Danhov engagement rings are more precious than the money you paid for them

There are many gimmicks and promotions on the internet concerning engagement rings and what stones should adorn them. But what is an engagement ring if it’s devoid of diamonds, replaced by some strange sounding cheap stone made to look important by ingenious ads? No matter what they I say, I’ll stick with diamonds even if I have to save 4 months of my salary just to make my girl happy. I’m getting one of those Danhov engagement rings and set a 1 carat diamond on top of it. I can’t bear to see the look of my beloved if I give her an engagement ring without a diamond sitting on its rightful throne and some cheap pretender in its place.

Danhov engagement rings for me truly are the rings that represent real love and true commitment.

They’re exquisite, charming, hand designed, unique, and have a grand tradition. Looking at them, you can’t help but feel awed and inspired at the same time. When you buy one it’s like owning a piece of your beloved’s heart. When the lady sees the Danhov engagement ring slide on her finger you know her heart is all yours for all time to come.

Of course there are engagements that don’t last long. The bond is broken and the ring either returned, stay with the once beloved, or may go the courts way. These are the high profile engagements among celebrities and rich people. But among less famous mortals, it’s seldom that engagements are ended. Except for some serious infraction between the couple, the wedding vows are expressed with much love and sincerity.

It’s terrible when engagements end on a sour note. There’ll be finger pointing to each side, but how about the finger that wears the engagement ring? Mostly they become empty but there are women who continue wearing them despite the estrangement. There’s a message in this. I know of two couples who reconciled because the ladies continued wearing their Danhov engagement rings despite the breakup. The men in their lives have realized that they’re at fault and came back begging for another chance. Not long after that, they were walking the church aisle.

Engagements are a strange phenomenon. There are no papers to show for it, just the hollow circular metal, yet the connection is even sometimes stronger than the chord and veils that envelope the lovers as they kneel together inside the chapel. The wedding rings are supported by documents but engagement rings are not.

So I choose Danhov engagement rings because I know I need something more precious to support our relationship.

Is it because of the price? Beautiful things come with a price, and Danhov engagement rings are one of those. But the price is nothing compared to the happiness that you bestow on your one and only. Price is relative, but happiness is real. There’s no comparison. The common denominator between the two is your sincerity and thoughtfulness. And to ensure that what you buy is nothing but genuine rings, buy them at JR Jewelers where quality is at its best and the price at their lowest.