Danhov engagement rings and wedding bands

JR Jewelers has all the rings and stones to satisfy your eyes and your pockets

December weddings are also popular. There may not be as many during June but still many couples are planning it during the holidays. Before wedding engagements are announced first and of course together with it is engagement rings. Would it be too much to buy engagement rings this month and then the wedding ring on December? Well, since there is only one engagement ring to buy, then it might be still be possible to fit it in the budget. One more thing, Danhov engagement rings are affordable and so are their wedding rings.

Danhov engagement rings are available in so many designs that you won’t have difficulty in finding one which really suits your girlfriend’s taste. These are handmade and intricately beautiful. No machine can imitate what the artisans of Danhov engagement rings are able to do. Many of these rings have received awards of excellence and yet they remain reasonably priced.

They are available in several precious metals with matching diamonds. Depending on your lifestyle you can choose the more durable and tough metals such as palladium or platinum together with the still the more popular, yellow gold, white gold, rose gold and silver.

JR Jewelers have tons of loose stones that you will find easy to match with the rings. Our diamonds are available in several carats and cuts. The princess cut is very popular and so are cushion, marquise, oval Asscher, and much more. There’s almost no limit to the choices that is available to you. It would be the most enjoyable part of the engagement.

The ring is considered a luxury, not by its price, but by its designs. They are highly imaginative which offer a unique alternative to the common styles proliferating in the market today. They are better than custom-designed engagement rings since they are created by experts with several years of experience under their belts. It’s different when you ask a jeweler in just any jewelry shop to do it for you compared to buying Danhov engagement rings with a pedigree already.

They have a name to protect and the excellence that accompanies it. There’s no comparison really if you just let anybody make the engagement that you are planning to offer to your beloved. The logo of Danhov is on every ring and which signifies that you are buying something very especial for the woman of your life.

Of course, every woman will accept any engagement you offer to her. It’s true love that counts. You know how it is when you are really in love even if you know that your sweetheart will accept the engagement ring because it’s from you, your love for her will always win in the end. You won’t settle for anything less.

However, you don’t have to be over extravagant about it. Your beloved I know won’t approve of it. Danhov engagement rings are picture perfect, but without the expensive price tag attached to it. It’s the perfect choice. Every girl will approve of it.