JR Jewelers has the expertise to assist whatever you want to discuss with your girlfriend concerning the stone in her engagement ring

You have decided to get engaged at last and you’re planning to buy your girlfriend an engagement ring to show your love to her. Do you really need an engagement ring to do that? What else is there to commemorate the occasion better than a diamond engagement ring? There were few instances that instead of giving rings, they offer necklace in lieu of it. I believe that In cases such as these there must be a previous agreement between the couples. Necklaces may be alright to very few, but I’m sure your girlfriend would like to know first what you have in store for her. If you want to know what she really feels, don’t ask her directly. May be you can sound her off by asking among friends and relatives.

However, you must have a strong motive for diverting from what is considered as tradition. You must have a good reason for doing it. You may not like to give a ring because you believe that diamonds are tainted with blood. The diamonds in many African countries are product of war and so much oppression where killing is the business of the day. You don’t want to sacrifice your principle because that’s how you feel.

We would like to assure you, that the diamonds that we have are not in any way sourced from these unlikely places. JR Jewelers is very careful where we get our diamonds. We want to help you with your belief by selling only clean diamonds. If you have any concerns, we encourage you to talk to one of our experts and we will be happy to answer any questions to ensure that you are fully satisfied and confident to purchase from us!

We respect people who are like you who don’t want to have anything to do with blood diamonds.

There’s also another way of solving the problem. Your problem is the stone and not the engagement ring itself. We have several other precious stones that we can offer you. We have very beautiful emeralds which I’m sure your beloved will find as interesting as diamonds or she may be interested in our lovely pearls. Her birth stone is also a possible candidate. We can decorate the ring with other stones to make it even more amazing.

Not too sure what to get? No problems! Our team of experts can guide you and your loved one through the process of selecting the right stone that suits best your personality.  Diamonds may be the number one choice among ladies, but there are others who find different stones that suit their taste perfectly. Talk to us and we will be happy to oblige.

This is what we do best. JR Jewelers have the complete Danhov engagement rings collection, which is available in several kinds of precious metals, designs and styles. It’ll be very enjoyable for you and your girlfriend’s part to match the metals with stones and in the end, we are sure everything will come to a very happy conclusion.