JR Jewelers is an authorized dealer of Danhov Engagement Rings

JR Jewelers thousands loose diamonds has made it the best source if you want to buy an engagement ring. You can be as versatile as you want to choose the size of diamonds that you feel will make your engagement ring something special. They are also available in all kinds of cuts to make choosing more convenient and enjoyable. We always go for the unique design which we feel will reflect the personality of our beloved. There are many couples who rather go for customized engagement rings and this is an excellent plan. You have to look for a really exemplary jewelry maker to at least approximate the quality of commercial rings.

Making simple designs would be easy, but what you want is something more intricate, there might be some problem with the finish and you may not like what you see. If you are looking for customized rings we have something even better. You will find them the kind of rings that you’d like if you prefer the customized creations. Danhov engagement rings are made especially for women who want something especial and out of the ordinary and, instead having to wait for customized engagement rings and not even sure if the end product will fit the one you really want, we are inviting you to take a look at our Danhov engagement ring collections.

Why do some couples would prefer customized engagement rings?

First, they have a specific metal in mind. They want to be sure that what they have is the right and genuine kind.

Second, the diamond size, clarity and other important details should be perfect or at least what they have in mind. They also want to buy it themselves to ensure that the source is authorized.

Third, it’s the design that usually tip it, why choose a customized ring over ready-made. Couples want to see their artwork comes into realization and become a part of their lives together forever.

Fourth, the budget is within the couple’s control. They know how much and what to expect.

Fifth, it’s a perfect way of bonding rather than just buy and that’s it.

I find all these very reasonable and sensible. Taking control of what the engagement ring should look like and making sure that everything is according to what we have in mind, is natural. The thing is, do you have the same picture in your mind with the jeweler? I have nothing against customized engagement rings if really they represent your own self.

There are however more ways to do it than having it made. Buying a Danhov engagement ring is just like having customized rings. They are not mass produced and everything else you want with customized ring is absolutely found in each of the rings.

They are made from different kinds of highest grade and genuine metals that you may want. You have a choice of yellow and white, gold, silver, titanium, platinum, and others. There’s no problem for the diamonds to crown them, I already mentioned the thousands of diamonds you can choose from. These diamonds are certified genuine. You will receive a certificate to this effect.

The price I’m sure is cheaper than having them custom made and you become even closer to each other because both of you know you have something that will continue to remind you that you made the right decision buying the right ring.

Visit our website and take a look at our Danhov engagement rings and I’ very sure there’s’ one there waiting just for you to discover.