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Have you tried buying a very important thing for yourself like your first mobile phone? You can’t describe the excitement when you touched it. It’s something that you’re going to treasure as long as the model is in vogue or just a little bit after it. Now compare it when you were in the market trying to buy an engagement ring for your girlfriend. It’s totally different I know. Buying one requires knowledge which is more challenging than buying mobiles or any personal objects for that matter.

You don’t have to look far. JR Jewelers is just right here. You can easily find their customer friendly website and chat with any of their wedding ring experts ready to cater to your needs. You can ask all the questions you like and they can give sensible answers without fail. There’s one ring that you may find interesting just a little bit on the high end scale, but very affordable if plan for it. I’m talking about ArtCarved engagement rings.

ArtCarved engagement rings have served several generations more than their more modern counterparts. It was ahead of its time and now it has a trademark which other engagement rings are measured in terms of quality, beauty and durability. It’s made by human hands carved by several generations of artisans which passed their artistic creativity from one generation to another.

It can’t be denied how beautiful and impressive they are. They’re perfect for the fingers that you so adore. There’s no other ring that will give justice to your beloved’s hands than the ArtCarved engagement rings.

There are several ways how you will know what she wants in case you’re planning to buy her an engagement ring. The most important thing to know is what she wants and who will help you find it. Observe what kind of jewelries she’s wearing. Is she fond of a certain metal and what stones she has in her ring, earrings and necklace? Observe the cut. You can pretend to be interested in what she’s wearing and ask her what stones she really prefers, is the cut she’s wearing now is her favorite or does she have other preferences and so on.

Her closest friends will know other details she may have told them while talking to them. Her sister, if she has one will also be another excellent source of information. Your girlfriend, close friend and a relative will be enough and then you come to us. Our specialists will find a perfect fit to all their descriptions and we know what ring will make her happier although she will not complain whatever engagement ring you’re going to give her.

You can enjoy our layaway plans for  more affordable ArtCarved engagement rings. This is one of our customer service features which you will find helpful if you want to take your engagement ring one notch higher than the usual. A lot of our gentlemen customers have used this plan and they’re just too happy to offer the engagement ring they think the best way to express your love.