KC Design Diamond JewelryWhen it comes to jewelry, most guys are completely lost. Yet choosing the perfect set of earrings, necklace or other decorative jewelry is something that she will remember for the rest of her life.

That’s why it’s important that guys take a few moments to learn the steps for buying the perfect Rhythm of Love necklace for their loved one.

Necklace Types

There are more to necklaces than just pieces of jewelry that hang around her neck. Necklaces can be made of many different materials.

For example, the most basic are metal chains. These can be made from gold, silver, platinum or other precious metals. Metal chains are a good choice because they go with practically any outfit she wears.

Necklaces can include such things as heavier chains, links or braids. Some have a fixed set of precious gems or stones while others feature stones that run their entire length.

Some necklaces have pendants such as charms or jewels that hang suspended from the chain itself.

Pearl Necklaces 

One of the most classic types of jewelry is the strand of pearls. They are an essential element to practically any woman’s wardrobe and can make any outfit look classy.

Solitaire pendants are another option. These can be attached to a necklace or pinned to a top and will bring elegance to any outfit she chooses to wear, from a formal dress to an old sweatshirt and jeans combo.

Necklace Length

When choosing the right Rhythm of Love necklace, one of the things to consider is the length of the chain.

A 16 inch choker will rest just above he collarbone and emphasizes her neckline. An 18-inch necklace, or princess length, hangs over her collarbones and is the most common length for necklaces.

A 24-inch necklace, known as opera length, is designed to be worn over a dress or blouse and makes a more dramatic effect.

Regardless of which style or type you choose, when you give her the gift of a Rhythm of Love necklace one thing is certain: She will always cherish and remember your special, loving gift.