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Getting married is truly a very special occasion. It takes months (and even years!) of planning just to make sure everything goes perfect on that wedding day. While there are many things to look forward to in the actual ceremony, the exchanging of the vows and rings is truly the highlight of the moment. It’s no wonder couples give a lot of thought about wedding rings. After all these precious little bands aren’t only used during the ceremony, they’re there for a lifetime.

If you want an elegant ring that will last then we at JR Jewelers suggest you look at our selection of Breuningwedding rings. Breuning has been in the jewelry business since the 1920’s and prides itself with excellent craftsmanship combined with modern designs. They also offer a wide array of designs made of various precious metals and stones to suit both your taste and your budget.

Gold has been the favorite metal of choice of many couples. However, there are actually many types of gold rings available. Most often they are sold according to karat. Gold in its purest form is actually too soft to wear. Alloys are mixed to make them into the jewelry we use every day. The softest gold is 18 karat. Many couples forego 18 karat ring because their markings wear out slightly faster than those of lesser karats and because they’re also the most expensive. Still, there are those who are willing to spend for 18 karat ring because of their value. For those who prefer affordability, 14 karat ring is more reasonably priced. Plus, they also have the advantage of being harder. It may look paler than 18 karat ring, but engravings and markings usually last longer. The least expensive among gold rings are those with only 10 karats. However, they are also the sturdiest. For those who find yellow gold too common, white gold is also an option.

Silver is less commonly used as wedding rings as they are prone to tarnish. Like gold, silver is soft and usually is mixed with other alloys. However, they do have the advantage of being very affordable. White silver is considered the whitest of all metals, making it popular for jewelry-making. Those who go for silver wedding rings often have them plated to prevent tarnishing them.

For those who find themselves allergic to gold or simply want something much finer, platinum is considered by some to be the best option. It is regarded as the most distinguished metal for fine jewelry. Not only is it hypoallergenic it’s also strong, and very resilient to tarnishing. Furthermore, it weighs much heavier than gold. However, supply of platinum is limited. Because of its qualities and short supply, platinum is easily one of the most expensive precious metals used for making jewelry.

Other precious metals that Breuning uses for its jewelry include titanium, tungsten and palladium. If you’re interested in getting Breuning wedding rings, then drop by JR Jewelers. We have a wide selection of these quality rings all at competitive prices.