Multi-Red Garnet NecklaceThe Birthstone for the Month of January is the beautiful Garnet. Some refer to garnets as “poor man’s ruby” due to it having a similar color as the ruby, but for a much lower cost. Although red may be the color most widely known for the garnet, it actually comes in a variety of colors to include green, orange, pink, purple, yellow and even brown. At JR Jewelers we carry a large selection of garnet jewelry in all available colors. Browse our website for a varied selection of garnet earrings, garnet bracelets, garnet necklaces and pendants, as well as garnet rings. Of utmost importance to consider when looking for a quality garnet gemstone is saturation. Saturation refers to the Sterling Silver & 14Kt Gold Rhodilite Garnet Braceletdepth or magnitude of color. The more color saturation a garnet contains, the more expensive it will be, and the more beautiful it will be as well. Another thing to look for when buying garnet jewelry is how light enters the gemstone. If it is too dark and opaque, it will appear dull. If the light is able to travel through the garnet, the gemstone will appear brilliant and will shine. Garnet jewelry is a wonderful gift idea for anyone with a January birthday as it will be meaningful and treasured for many years to come. Shop Now: