jrsamllJR Jewelers and ArtCarved engagement rings two great names working together.

There are many engagement ring styles and designs in the market today. If you go surfing the internet, you’ll find thousands of engagement rings vying for your attention. With that said, there’s one brand that’s different from the others. They’re hand carved and have been in the making for more than 150 years. There are a lot of traditions and historical values attached to them. Your loved one will find these engagement rings truly unique and absolutely beautiful. Jr Jewelers is proud to tell you that they’ve added ArtCarved engagement rings to their prestigious line of high quality engagement rings.

ArtCarved engagement rings have been sold since the year 1850; and ever since, they’ve provided unique and custom made rings that perfectly fit the personality of every woman who’s ever worn them.

artcarved engagement rings at jr jewelersArtCarved engagement rings have made the transition from using traditional precious metals such as yellow gold, white gold, and silver to the current craze of palladium, titanium, tungsten, and platinum. You can buy them without the stones or you can choose the ones that are magnificently adorned with different diamond cuts and carats. Whatever your choice will be, your beloved will definitely find ArtCarved rings truly captivating and one of a kind.

So what do you have in mind as an offering to your beloved? What are the size and shape that you think your girlfriend will surely treasure? ArtCarved engagement rings are available in a wide variety of cuts, shapes and settings. You have a choice from among the heart, round, emerald, princess, cushion, asccher, marquise, radiant and other cuts. You also have several setting options such as solitaire, halo, two stones, and pave set just to name a few.

They say that it’s important to determine the shape of your beloved’s eyes before buying the engagement ring. You have to make sure that there’s a perfect match between the diamond cut and the eyes of your loved one. It’s even highly believed that she will accept your offer of marriage without any hesitation. For some it’s the shape, the size, and the color of the fingers. There are a lot of beliefs concerning what type of stone, its shape and what kind of metal that should go with it. Some would settle for their birthstones or zodiac stones.

ArtCarved engagement rings are not your ordinary rings; they’re the top of their class.

They’re carried mostly by big jewelry stores. Many people find them to be out of their price range. There are those who can afford them but are having second thoughts about buying them, afraid that they’ll get a bum deal. If you want the real and genuine ArtCarved engagement rings then buy them only from trusted sources. One of them is JR Jewelers.

JR Jewelers is a family owned business which has been operating for 35 years. It’s one of the most trusted sources of jewelries either online or in actual stores. They have regular office hours and you can call them by phone. If you want to be sure that you’re buying genuine ArtCarved engagement rings, this is one place you can definitely get one. No question about it.