artcarved engagement rings

ArtCarved Engagement Rings, present them with special occasions

You have decided that you have enough of the life of a bachelor. You have found your lady love and you’re planning to bring her to the altar in a church wedding. You have your priorities all sorted out and you’re ready to settle down. Now, there’s just one more business you have to take care and that’s buying her one of those ArtCarved engagement rings. You’re at a loss, whether you’d bring her with you or you buy it alone and surprise her. Which one will you think will suit her fingers, but more than that her personality.

If you need help in buying ArtCarved engagement rings, JR Jewelers is the right place to do it.

We’ve mentioned fingers and personalities, but we need to be sure of one thing and that is buying a genuine ring. JR Jewelers is an authorized dealer of ArtCarved Engagement Rings. This means when you buy your ring from them, you can’t miss. And I’m sure neither with your date with your beloved. That will be the night to remember when you slide that ring through her finger and experienced that happy hug and loving kiss full of love and appreciation.

One word of advice, don’t propose in her house. If you must, there must be an occasion, such as a family gathering, just among the members of the family but never just the two of you. That would be dull and boring. Special occasions should be done with a special touch.  Some would do it during ball game, halftime, during news breaks, in the concert and whatever the man will find a romantic way of doing it.

Would you believe I was planning to do it in a movie house? Yes inside the movie house during the intermission? I’d have my girlfriend sit on an aisle chair. Then I’ll go to the screen area. Of course I have already made arrangements with the projector operator to focus the spotlight on me. Then I’d walk slowly towards my girlfriend and kneel on the center aisle and take the ring out of my pocket, hold her hand gently and put the ring on her finger slowly with background music. But I cowed out in the last minute. I instead brought her to class restaurant and proposed formally without any fanfare.

After we were married, I told her my movie house proposal plan and she told me she’d love that and winked at me. I don’t until now if she really meant it or she was just teasing me. I should have done it. Anyway, she really loved the ArtCarved engagement ring that I gave her. I’m glad I made it my choice and I was really thankful for JR Jewelers for helping me which design to choose.

The tradition of ArtCarved engagement rings is well known. They are handcrafted and are considered as one of the best.

I didn’t mind the price. It was a minor consideration compared to the happiness that it still delivers to my wife every time she looks at it.