ArtCarved Engagement Ring

ArtCarved Engagement Rings best represent your commitment to your beloved

There’s another battle brewing over who has the legal right to ownership of £400,000 diamond engagement ring. There are several laws that define ownership, but they’re a little bit complicated. However the fact that there are laws in place for the giver of engagement rings the right to take it back again, goes to show that it’s not a sure thing that all relationships will end up in marriage. We all know that, of course. However, during the time that the engagement ring was offered and accepted, most of these relationships are expected to end up in an altar. This one will definitely not.

For most of us, we don’t really aspire for those mega buck rings. My wife told me that if I’ve given her a very expensive engagement ring she’d have refused it. I was not in the best of my financial condition while I was proposing to her, but I gave her something that would later define my love for her; that I will do my best to provide for her and for our children later.

So I gave her an ArtCarved engagement ring.

It may not be as expensive as the engagement rings that are involved in several legal disputes but they are more than enough to express our true love to the girl of our dreams.  It’s one way of showing how serious are we with our intention. That we are not making excuses why we have to give a lesser kind of ring.

There are some of those few people who believed that buying an engagement ring is a waste of time and money and they’re commercial ploy used by businessmen. We might as well not buy expensive shoes, clothing, bags, cars and houses just to name a few. It’s true that we may be buying something that is beyond our income, but there’s such a thing as lay away or installment payments. We can avail of financing plans.

I hope they’ll realize that we are not thinking only about now when we offer ArtCarved engagement rings to our beloved. Several years from now, we will be looking at it in the fingers of our dear wives and we know we made the right decision. ArtCarved engagement rings will never go out of style. The older the design the more valuable they become.

However the style may change, but they are still called ArtCarved and whether they are old or new they are made by the same experts.

Do ArtCarved engagement rings change in style?

It’s called customization. The styles change not because it’s necessary but because the buyers always wants something unique, out of what is considered as common. The diamond cut and clustering may differ for each ring according to the buyer’s preference.  However the quality and the integrity of each ring is never compromised and you can expect that you’ll get more than your money’s worth.

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