ArtCarved Engagement Ring

ArtCarved engagement rings, you and JR Jewelers, the perfect partnership

ArtCarved engagement rings have been produced since 1850. You will marvel at the wide variety of their engagement ring collections which they have managed to accumulate throughout the years. Their continuing experience which expands for 164 years will be very difficult to emulate. You will find in each ring the classic elegance and the modern attributes which make them very unique indeed. They are what true relationships are made of. They are not only very beautiful they are also very durable, which are the two most important attributes of what real love means.

Styles and designs come and go but they never really disappear. They are recycled and what possibly are old becomes new again. This is true in clothing, furniture, and jewelry among others. This is where the uniqueness of ArtCarved engagement rings lies. What your grandmother’s engagement rings may look like may resemble what you are planning to buy right now. Isn’t that something? The creativity that each ring enjoys will live forever and you are giving something to your beloved something which is a witness of how the world developed since the founding of ArtCarved engagement rings.

We have taken into consideration your taste or your love one. You have choices among our classic, modern and vintage engagement rings. They are also available in several precious metals and choosing a diamond head to fit each perfectly won’t pose any problem at all.  We at JR Jewelers can easily do that for you. We have one of the widest loose diamond stone assortments that you will ever find. Choosing one for your ArtCarved will be fun. There’s almost no limit whatever size and cut may appeal to your fancy.

They are all authentic and genuine. We have the necessary documentations that will show their absolute legitimacy. You will in turn receive from us a certification concerning the credibility of the diamonds. In this regard, you can be 100% sure that what you will offer when you pop up that classic “you marry me” question is the real thing.

JR Jewelers has 3 important customer service which you will find useful before and after you buy the rings. First, we have experts who can assist you concerning the choice of what ArtCarved ring will fully suit your girlfriend’s fingers.  The size, length’ and complexion of the ring finger will play a big role. Second, we will share with you how to take care of the ring, which includes proper cleaning and maintenance. Third, we have a lay away plan which many couples find very handy in paying their engagement rings.

You will notice here that there is a perfect partnership between JR Jewelers, ArtCarved engagement rings and you. JR Jewelers pay the perfect host, the rings are the perfect choices and you are perfectly happy with the arrangements. This will always work to your advantage because that’s always been our plan. We want you and your sweetheart to enjoy your life together, forever.