Tips from JR Jewelers

A lot of men think that they can never really go wrong with a huge diamond engagement ring. Well, women still do love diamonds and there may still be some truth to that. But these days, more and more women are becoming aware that there are other options other than the usual solitaire diamond ring. If you want to find the perfect ring for your loved one here are some tips to consider.

Since the ring is going to be for your girlfriend, the most important question is: what would she like? Diamonds of course are the all-time favorites, but colored stones, such as rubies and sapphires, are quickly gaining attention. No doubt one of the most popular rings today is the blue sapphire engagement ring that Princess Diana had which now belongs to Kate Middleton. Other celebrities who opted for colored stones include Elizabeth Hurley, who sported a sapphire engagement ring and Jessica Simpson who boasted of a beautiful ruby center.

Many women choose stones that indicate the birthstone of their birth month. Others just simply opt for a certain stone because they like the color. The more romantic ones choose stones because of their meaning. An emerald for example, usually stands for happiness and fertility. Rubies on the other hand symbolize beauty and passion. Still other women prefer stones for their value, hardness and durability. Diamonds are the hardest and most valuable of the stones. For those who are planning to wear their rings every day, a diamond can best withstand the wear and tear of everyday use. Sapphires and rubies come next in hardness. Pearls are among the softest, thus are not commonly used as engagement rings.

Aside from the color, you should also take note of the size. In the older days the bigger the stone, the better it was. If you’ve ever browsed through your grandmother’s jewelry box, it wouldn’t be surprising to find huge stones on these vintage jewelry boxes. However, many women today think more about practicality. A bigger stone will not only be expensive, it can also be quite cumbersome. Large stones tend to interfere with house work, typing and other activities. Because of this, some actually prefer for smaller stones of higher value.

The shape of the stone is also important. The princess cut is the most common and is frequently seen in solitaire rings. This square and round cut allows the most brilliance in diamonds. The emerald cut is rectangular and allows for a sleek timeless look. A marquis or diamond cut is also another popular setting that has the advantage of making stones look bigger. Other less common cuts include pear, round and heart-shaped.

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