Statement Earrings

Fashion trends come and go, and then come back yet again. Such is the case when it comes to the 1970's! And jewelry is no exception! Statement earrings were a look to be had in the 70's and sure enough, oversized earrings are trending now. Large hoops and chandelier style earrings are dominating the runways; the bigger the better! For a more conservative look, try wearing large pearls or oversized statement studs.

Large Hoop Earrings

Another fascinating style that is hot right now is assymetrical earrings. The versatility that assymetrical earrings give you is unmatched! Let your creativity go wild as you mix and match different pairs of earrings to create a unique look all your own. One of the latest jewelry trends is to wear one large dangle earring on one earlobe and one large stud earring on the other lobe. Earrings accentuate your wardrobe in a way that no other jewelry accessory can, so be bold, be YOU!