The celebration of a Mother is like no other! Why not lavish her with love this year by blessing her withMother Day Locket a gift that keeps on giving for years to come. The gift of jewelry for your mother is one that will be cherished every time she wears the jewelry. As she puts on the Mother’s day jewelry gift you give her she will be reminded of your sentiment towards her.


At JR Jewelers we are here to help you select the perfect Mother’s day jewelry gift item. There are many great gift options to consider, although one of my favorites is a locket. A locket can be worn around the neck hanging at a short length to be visible or on a long chain to be worn inside the clothing. Within the locket your mother can insert pictures of her children or even grandchildren. The locket is held closed by a clasp, although it is easily opened to give the wearer a view of her loved ones. The locket is worn close to the heart and held very dear to the wearer.


Mothers Day Birthstone Baby Shoe Another wonderful gift idea for a mother is to give her a piece of jewelry with her child/children’s birthstones. The birthstone represents the month the child was born and therefore is a great way to remember the birth of a child.  


You cannot go wrong with a gift of jewelry for you mother on Mother’s day!  Let us help you make is a special day for your mother at JR Jewelers.