What is jewelry? For many people it’s just something to wear ArtCarved Sabina Engagement Ringthat matches their outfit. For others it’s a bold statement of style. It may signify a person’s membership in a club or an expression of their spirituality. There are not many things that are as personal as their choice of jewelry.

The selection of an engagement ring may be the most important jewelry selection in the life of many people. It signifies promise, hope, and joy. Hopefully the ring will be received with great elation and tears of joy. The day will live on forever in memories of many couples as mile marker one in a lifetime commitment.

An engagement ring is many times put on the 2nd finger of the left hand and it stays there for life, such is the significance. Legend held that the “ring finger” was the appropriate finger for both the engagement ring and wedding band because there was a vein that ran directly through the finger to the heart.

Often when a couple first become engaged there are not sufficient funds for a large ring, the traditional diamond for an engagement ring. Later, when finances are more substantial and stable, a larger and more ornate ring may be purchased. But many feel nothing can ever replace that original token of love and commitment.

JR Jewelers is honored to be one of a select number of Jewelers who carry the ArtCarved line of rings
and bands. ArtCarved was founded in Brooklyn, New York in 1850 by J.R. Wood who set out to create the standard for innovation, quality and craftsmanship for diamond engagement rings and wedding bands. His first diamond engagement ring creation, the "Victoria", immediately captured the hearts of women everywhere. And so began a heritage of helping women celebrate special moments with uniquely beautiful fine jewelry.

ArtCarved has an unparalleled commitment to beautiful design, and a tradition of handcrafted quality and artisanship and a distribution network of trusted retailers who deeply understand and proudly sell the ArtCarved brand. Tradition, authenticity, high quality and beautiful design. These values have solidified ArtCarved's strong reputation as a fine and bridal jewelry leader in the hearts and minds of consumers and retailers alike.

As the name implies, ArtCarved rings truly are works of art. They are designed in Classic styles, 

ArtCarved Caitlin Engagement Ring

Contemporary, and Vintage designs. There are also variations to choose from which include rose gold and rope designs. The professional jewelers at JR jewelers can assist you in making the selection of the perfect engagement ring, a symbol of lifetime love and never-ending joy and faithfulness.

JR Jewelers has earned a reputation for personalized service and integrity. A family-owned business in Fort Lauderdale for over 35 years, our customers are like extended family to us. We understand that the purchase of an engagement ring is very personal and one that must be made very carefully. A customer’s budget must be considered as well. We will never persuade someone to buy a ring a ring that is not right for them and right for their wallet.

We would like you to be life-time customers and lifetime friends!

JR Jewelers may be a small, family business, but our experience has gained us connections in the jewelry industry to permit us the access to the world’s largest diamond dealers. We have the buying power to offer prices comparable to the large chain stores, and many times better. 

JR Jewelers invites you to come and look at a line of engagement rings that are truly unique works of art. A ring that will last, like the memories, a lifetime and beyond.