Emerald and Diamond Estate Ring


JR Jewelers has an extensive history of selling Estate Jewelry. Co-owner, Robert Mushro, was first introduced to Estate Jewelry in the 60's as his father owned an Antique store with an array of Estate Jewelry items for sale. Many years later, Josephine and Robert opened JR Estate Jewelers, now known as JR Jewelers. Although JR Jewelers dropped the "Estate" from their name, they still sell Estate Jewelry and have a large selection of very unique items for sale.


So by now you may be wondering what exactly is Estate Jewelry? Essentially, Estate Jewelry is any jewelry item that is not new. Many times a person buys a piece of jewelry or they are given an item as a Antique Platinum Estate Jewelry Ringgift and they then no longer want the item and therefore sell it back to their jeweler. This allows a person to reinvest the money they attain from selling an Estate Jewelry item they don't wear and purchase a new jewelry item that they can enjoy. Another reason a person may sell their jewelry, may be due to financial hardship. This is never an easy decision to make, but at JR Jewelers we promise to be fair and considerate with buying back jewelry in these difficult situations our customers may face. Through purchasing back our customers jewelry, JR Jewelers has acquired a large Estate Jewelry collection. We have a niche clientele that loves Estate Jewelry and is always looking to see what new Estate Jewelry pieces are available. If you want to see our Estate Jewelry collection come in and see us during store hours or you can call and schedule an appointment ahead of time.