Probably no time of year is more stressful than the holidays. Every year we get frazzled over food, decorations, and the big one: shopping. This year, why not make a commitment to cut down on the holiday stress, it’s doing more damage to your health than you think, both mental and physical.

Now that Christmas decorations start going up around the 4th of July, the panic sets in. Don’t let it get to you!

Experts on stress have researched holiday stress levels, and now offer a few tips to reduce the high anxiety associated with holiday shopping, including:

1-      Plan ahead

Sit down today and make a plan for each person on your list. Kids like toys and tech, and that’s fine. Adults love the new stuff, too, but if you’re searching for a gift that is timeless and cherished forever, a new iPhone probably won’t work. It’s traded in and upgraded in 6 months.

A Christmas gift of jewelry will be treasured year after year and many times is passed from generation to generation. Once you know who will be getting jewelry, plan a day to visit JR Jewelers.

2-      Be realistic with a budget

Once again, well in advance of the holiday rush, take a few minutes to look at your finances. Nothing builds stress like overspending, so avoid it by making a budget. Fortunately, JR Jewelers has several options to pay, including interest-free layaway plans, and low price guarantee where we will meet any competitor’s price on a matching item.

3-      Get professional shopping advice

It’s not always easy to match a gift to a person. While you may think you know exactly what will spin someone’s head around with joy, it’s not a bad idea to get a professional opinion. JR Jeweler’s sales staff has been advising customers on selecting just the right piece of jewelry for over 35 years. We’ll listen to you describe your special someone’s personality, favorite styles and colors, then try to guide you to just the right gift. We have a wonderful talent for gift selection!

4-      Avoid crowded malls!

JR Jewelers is located on Federal Highway in Fort Lauderdale. We have ample parking, and our atmosphere is warm and welcoming. No crazy crowds.

JR Jewelers was founded as a family business thirty five years ago, and remains a family business to this day. While we are an independent store, we have established relationships with diamond and gold wholesalers around the world that allow us to purchase the highest quality items at very low cost, and offer them at the same or lower prices than the large, national stores in the malls.

We are very proud to be recognized nationally as one of the most experienced dealers in bridal jewelry including engagement rings and wedding bands. We are the exclusive dealer in South Florida for many rare, designer collections that are hand-made by the most respected jewelry manufacturers in the world.

To get the very best personal attention, the finest jewelry, and prices that are competitive with any other jeweler, JR Jewelers invites you to visit us soon.