With over 35 years in business, JR Jewelers has earned a solid reputation for offering only the finest jewelry at very attractive prices. We also are well-known for our high level of personal attention and customer service before and after the sale. Most of our customers come back year-after-year to select special pieces from our extensive collections.
Because of our esteemed position in the industry, we are often asked to offer jewelry from the finest designers around the world and we carefully screen each opportunity. Only the brands delivering impeccable style and the highest quality jewelry are accepted to be displayed and sold to JR Jewelers customers.
One such prestigious brand we are proud to carry is Danhov. Founded in 1984 by Jack Hovsepian, Danhov is known in the luxury jewelry category for its innovative design philosophy. The designs of the custom-made engagement rings and wedding bands ensure that every Danhov customer wears a special ring that is an extension and personal statement of their discerning taste.

Jack learned at an early age how to marry precision with art. Following his father, an accomplished fashion designer, he spent his formative years exposed to trend-setting haute couture. This influence now drives his passion to design each ring with exacting measures and create the world's most exquisite collection of bridal jewelry.
Danhov has garnered a world-wide reputation as one of the most creative jewelry designers, with online reviews supporting this and their superior quality as well.
Danhov engagement rings and wedding bands are available in a wide variety of styles, with price ranges making it possible to fit almost any budget. Each ring created by Danhov is either handcrafted or hand-assembled by the world’s most skilled jewelers. Danhov is known for skilled craftsmanship, and this is one of many reasons discriminating customers seek this acclaimed brand for their special day.
A single wire is the foundation for every Danhov ring, which is shaped and finished by artisan craftsmen. Only handmade and hand-assembled pieces exhibit this rare quality. All Danhov jewelry is covered by a lifetime manufacturer's warranty that will cover any manufacturing defects. 
The choice of engagement rings and wedding bands is one of the most important decisions many people will ever make. JR Jewelers is proud to offer Danhov to our loyal customers as a superior selection that will give a lifetime of satisfaction.
In addition to engagement rings and wedding bands, Danhov is famous for their selection of other beautiful items including rings, earrings, and pendants adorned with the most beautiful rubies, sapphires, diamonds, and other precious gemstones. JR Jewelry consultants are pleased to sit down and discuss what particular piece is best-suited for your special someone, or for yourself!
A second-generation, family-owned business in Fort Lauderdale for over 35 years, JR Jewelers is proud to serve customers who we consider to be part of our family. We have helped people choose engagement and wedding rings, only to then serve their children choose rings as they approach their special day. It is an honor to offer such a high-quality product as Danhov to our loyal customers.