A Lovely GiftAdie ArtCarved Diamond Engagement Ring

JR Jewelers in Fort Lauderdale carries many exquisite, hand-crafted pieces of fine jewelry. One of our most popular lines delights couples planning a lifetime together. A beautiful artcarved engagement ring expresses profound love. Since 1850, this highly respected brand has presented cutting-edge trends in style and fashion. Today, buyers enjoy a wide selection of high quality designs encompassing all the unique qualities which make an engagement ring so special. When you seek a truly memorable gift, we'll supply the excellent craftsmanship and attention to detail that you expect. We carry one of the best selections of this in-demand line.

Highly Customized

One important element in these rings involves the ability to customize your selection. You can tailor the final order to fit your tastes and available resources. Today couples appreciate the power to purchase a superb, durable ring with the option of selecting the band in palladium, 14-Karat white gold, 18-Karat white gold, or platinum. You also enjoy broad choices in terms of the size of the primary diamond and additional, smaller gems. For example, most of these rings will accommodate a central stone weighing between 0.50 carats and 1.50 carats. This versatility makes one of these engagement rings perfect for many couples. The care and attention involved in the design, the exceptional standards applied during fabrication and the beauty of the polished ring will spread joy and delight. You'll treasure one of these rings forever.

Some Examples
Nancy ArtCarved Diamond Engagement Ring
Perhaps you've wondered about the variety of artcarved engagement rings? The brand showcases the enormous talent of contemporary ring designers in producing jewelry fitting a broad array of tastes. For example, if you seek clear, strong, sleek lines in the band, the Nancy ArtCarved diamond engagement ring holds great appeal as a prime example of a solitaire style. It highlights the central diamond in a very appealing, simple way. By contrast, the Sueann directs more attention towards peripheral accent gemstones. This lovely three-row diamond band supports up to 0.25 carats in tiny diamonds and also displays a larger, finely cut central stone, as well. It sparkles in sunlight brilliantly. We also carry many other elegant patterns. These include scalloped settings, well illustrated by the lovely Amelia model. The Tara offers a double circle of diamond bands surrounding a stunning cushion-cut central stone. With numerous other styles available at this time, too, JR Jewelers furnishes an impressive selection.
See More Designs
To really appreciate the full scope and power of these elegant rings, view all or engagement ring options online. Take a few moments to see the magnificent designs we offer. You'll likely discover several styles that capture your heart. With so many attractive engagement rings, deciding upon the right one sometimes requires several visits. During this exciting time in your life, choosing such a vital symbol of affection and love sometimes causes stress. Don't worry. We'll help you plan your engagement ring right from the start so that it fulfills your dreams and meets your exact requirements.