Everything changes with time… and this is most definitely the case when it comes to wedding bands. Yellow Gold Wedding Ring In times past, nobody would have fathomed the idea of getting any other metal for a wedding band other than yellow gold. In this day and age yellow gold wedding rings are hardly ever worn and they are often times seen as old fashioned.

A popular and classis wedding band metal that has always been used in place of yellow gold is platinum. Although, for some individuals, platinum is price restrictive and therefore they opt for yellow gold. The transition to more modern up-to-date wedding rings that are not as price restrictive as platinum began with the use of white gold. White gold wedding rings have the look of platinum, with a yellow gold price point.


Alternative Metal Wedding RingWith the 21st Century has come a new array of wedding rings with alternative metals to include titanium, cobalt, tungsten, sterling silver and even stainless steel. These alternative metal wedding rings are for the extremely budget conscious with prices ranging from $50-$200. At JR Jewelers we carry the more budget friendly wedding rings and the more traditional yellow gold or platinum wedding rings, as well as the modern and most popular white gold wedding rings. Come visit us or shop from our online wedding ring collection.