Engagement rings are one of the biggest investments a young guy will make. You’ve probably heard the standard line that you should plan on spending the equivalent of two month’s salary on an engagement ring.

Depending on the kind of job you have, that could be a substantial amount of money. Most guys still need to pay rent, pay off their student debt, make car payments and eat, so unless you’ve been socking money away for years, that’s not usually a practical plan.

Selecting the Perfect Engagement Ring

Instead, here are five ways you can save money while still getting the perfect engagement ring that will cause her to say, “Yes” when you finally make your proposal:

  • Use a Family Heirloom — Let your family know you are serious about your intentions. Someone in your family may offer to let you use an engagement ring that is already in your family, possibly for several generations. Not only will this save you a substantial amount of money by not having to buy a new ring, but it’s a great way to welcome your intended into your family by presenting them with a part of your family’s history. 
  • Buy Loose Diamonds — It’s often less expensive to buy a loose diamond and have it placed into the ring and setting of your choice than it is to buy an engagement ring that already has been designed and created by a diamond fabricator. Visit the local “jeweler’s row” in your city and find the best deal on the size and shape diamond you want. Make sure to inspect the stone with a loupe — the handheld magnifier found at most jeweler’s stores. An experienced jeweler can tell you what to look for.
  • Stay Within Your Budget — Often, clerks at a national chain jewelry store will encourage you to buy the engagement rings that have the highest markup or pay the highest sales commissions. Don’t be bullied into buying a ring you can’t afford. After all, it’s your money! Have a maximum price in mind and don’t go beyond it. If you stay your ground, eventually an experienced jeweler will show you the rings that are most realistic for your price point.
  • Take Your Time — The worst thing you can do is to “panic buy” when you are shopping for an engagement ring. It’s a big expense and a huge decision, so give yourself at least a few weeks to find the perfect ring that she will love.

ArtCarved Engagement Rings

When shopping for the perfect engagement ring, one ring that is both affordable and will definitely impress her are ArtCarved engagement ring. These specially-designed line of high-quality diamond engagement rings combine a look that is timelessly classic with a price tag that can fit any budget.

Buying the perfect engagement ring is an important decision. After all, the ring you select is going to a living symbol of your love for the rest of your lives together. Take the time to make the best choice and get her one of the superior rings from the line of ArtCarved engagement rings.