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The shape is the basic outline or geometrical form of the diamond, such as round, pear, oval or princess. While the round brilliant is still the classic and most popular shape, today there are many different and exciting fancy shapes, which are as varied as the tastes of the consumers. You should consider how the shape of the diamond will look on your hand. A woman with a small hand may prefer a round or princess shape diamond; whereas, a woman with long, slender fingers can wear a marquise, pear or oval shape diamond without having it cover too much of her finger to look elegant.

Any diamond shape other than a round diamond is known as a fancy shape diamond. A common misconception is that fancy shape diamonds cost more than round diamonds. The simple truth is that the value of the fancy shapes is still less than that of round brilliant cuts. However, in certain cases of "branded" and "exclusive" cuts, a premium over round diamond prices occurs, which is outside the control of the diamond market. Another factor to consider is that the market value of fancy shapes is tied directly to the supply and demand at the time, and based on popularity of the shape.

The most popular shapes are displayed here including: round, asscher, radiant, emerald, princess, oval, marquise, pear, and heart, respectively. Many new and interesting shapes are being developed every year, and there are new numerous specialty smaller cuts, such as baguettes, trapezoids, bullets, trillions, or half moons, which are used primarily as accent diamonds.

There really is no right or wrong choice when it comes to the shape that you should decide upon. Each individual should choose a diamond shape based on what most suits one’s unique personality.

round asscher radiant emerald princess

oval marquise pear heart


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