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Ring Sizing

We want to make your on-line purchase as easy as possible. Ordering the perfect size is easy to do! We offer a free ring sizing kit to anyone who is interested in purchasing a ring from J. R. Jewelers. Our sizers are actual plastic rings that accurately measure your finger size.

You will be prompted to select your finger size when you are ready to place your order.

Once you receive the sizers, follow these simple instructions:

  • Make sure the ring is comfortable when it's on your finger. Relax your hand to see if your finger bulges on either side of the sizer. If so, it's too small, so try the next larger size. When you push the ring up from the underneath side of your finger, there should be a small air space between the ring and the top of your finger. It is NOT important that the ring sizer slides easily over your knuckle! When a ring fits properly it should slide on easily, but will resist just a bit when coming off, even taking 2-3 seconds to get back over the knuckle. This is normal, and especially common with men, who typically have larger knuckles. If you size your ring to your knuckle, it will be too big on your finger. More sizing mistakes are made ordering rings too large than too small.
  • Your finger size will change slightly throughout the day, depending on temperature, activity, etc. Fingers tend to be a little puffy in the morning, they shrink a little when cold and expand slightly when hot, but typically settle into a normal size during the day. For this reason we recommend that you measure your finger during normal temperatures and at the end of the day when your fingers are most normal. You will want your ring to fit perfectly and be able to be removed easily at this time.
  • Please remember: the wider the shank of the ring is, the tighter it will fit. The samples that come in our free sizing kit are approximately 4mm wide, but if you plan to purchase a ring is extra wide--like 7mm or 8mm--you should order comfort-fit styles 1/4 size larger and non-comfort-fit styles 1/2 size larger than the size of your favorite sizer. If in doubt, choose the smaller size. More sizing mistakes are made by ordering rings too large rather than too small!
  • Lastly, if your new ring arrives and initially seems to be a little too large or too small, we suggest you wear it for a few days to get used to it before exchanging it for a different size. Different activities and temperatures throughout the day cause our hands and fingers to constantly change, so it's normal to have a ring feel tight sometimes and loose other times--often in the same day! Wearing your new ring for a few days will help you better determine if an exchange is necessary.
  • Proper ring sizing is more of a personal preference than a perfect science, so even after following all of these helpful hints, sometimes the ring still won't fit perfectly. If you are not content with your size, we are happy to size your ring within 30 days.

The most common type of shank is flat on the inside surface, however, many wedding bands and some engagement rings are available in a comfort-fit style. This means extra metal is used to make the inside of the band slightly domed, resulting in a very comfortable fit. The comfort-fit advantage is not as noticeable on widths of 4mm or less, however, in widths of 5mm and wider, it makes a considerable comfort difference. The comfort-fit is recommended for men, because it is easier to squeeze over a large knuckle when putting your ring on or taking it off, and it's much more comfortable to wear once it's on.

How can I tell how wide a millimeter band is in inches? If you don't have access to a ruler with millimeters on it, here is a conversion guide to help!

Millimeters Inches
1 mm Almost 1/16"
2 mm 3/32"
3 mm 1/8"
4 mm 5/32"
5 mm 3/16"
6 mm Almost 1/4"
7 mm Slightly over 1/4"
8 mm 5/16"
9 mm Almost 3/8"
10 mm Slightly over 3/8"
11 mm 7/16"
12 mm Almost 1/2"


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