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Jewelry Education


Platinum is regarded as the preeminent metal for fine jewelry. It is generally 95% pure and one of the only metals that is hypoallergenic, (ideal for those with sensitive skin). Platinum is also chemically inert, so it will not tarnish, corrode, oxidize or discolor. It is a strong, dense metal and is just about twice the weight of 14K gold, and 25% heavier than 18K gold. All platinum jewelry is generally stamped with either Plat or PT950, both of which indicate 95% pure platinum and 5% alloys of either iridium, palladium or ruthenium. Platinum is naturally white, very durable and typically outlasts gold by many years. This gives platinum jewelry its hefty feel.

Platinum is mined primarily in Russia where the unstable political and economic climate has led Russia to restrict the export of platinum. Also, platinum is a rare metal that today requires the processing of nearly ten tons of ore for one once of platinum. In comparison, Gold requires only 3-4 tons of raw rock for the same yield. There are also fewer platinum mines. For every 10 Gold mines there is only one platinum mine. As a result, prices are typically higher than gold. Platinum is known as the most prestigious of jewelry materials.


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