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Jewelry Education

Gems Charts to Give a Gift

Days of the Week:
Sunday: Topaz
Monday: Pearl
Tuesday: Ruby
Wednesday: Amethyst
Thursday: Sapphire
Friday: Emerald
Saturday: Diamond/Turquoise
Month Gemstone Symbolism
January Garnet Constancy
February Amethyst Sincerity
March Aquamarine Courage
April Diamond Innocence
May Emerald Success/Love
June Pearl / Alexandrite / Moonstone Long Life & Health
July Ruby Contentment
August Peridot Happy Marriage
September Sapphire Clear Thinking
October Opal/Tourmaline Hope
November Precious Topaz/Citrine Fidelity
December Blue Zircon/Tanzanite Prosperity
Year Anniversary Gift Year Anniversary Gift
1 Gold Jewelry 15 Ruby
2 Garnet 16 Peridot
3 Pearls 17 Watches
4 Blue Topaz 18 Tanzanite
5 Sapphire 19 Aquamarine
6 Amethyst 20 Emerald
7 Onyx 25 Silver Jubilee
8 Tourmaline 30 Pearl Jubilee
9 Lapis Lazuli 35 Emerald Jubilee
10 Diamond Jewelry 40 Ruby Jubilee
11 Turquoise 50 Golden Jubilee
12 Jadeite 55 Alexandrite
13 Citrine 60 Diamond Jubilee
14 Opal 75 Platinum


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