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Artcarved Engagement Rings

Has a reputation of making
wedding special since 1850 and creating distinctive ArtCarved engagement rings and wedding bands

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We provide a price matching guarantee. If you find a product on another site, we will match it.

Price Match Guarantee
Danhov Engagement Rings

Is a premiere, award-winning designer of hand-made bridal jewelry, who for 26 years has been creating unique Danhov wedding bands and engagement rings

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His and Hers Wedding Rings - Gold, Platinum, etc
Diamond Engagement Ring Designs
Best Choice for ArtCarved and Danhov Designer Rings offers the lowest prices
online in accordance with Manufacturer's
policies, and we will match any
competitor's advertised price.
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At J.R. Jewelers we believe that
presentation is very important.
Therefore, we provide a beautiful
gift box with every purchase,
free of charge.
Learning section about Scott Kay, Artcarved and Danhov Designer Jewelry
Learn more about fine diamond jewelry,
what carat or karat means, the properties
of diamonds and many more facts about
fine jewelry.
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Scott Kay Engagement Rings, Danhov Wedding bands, Artcarved design jewelry

Artcarved Engagement Rings // Danhov // Jorge Revilla // KC Designs // Triton // Breuning // Dora International and more...


Breathe New Life Into Any Jewelry Collection

Every jewelry lover appreciates a new addition to their jewelry collection. At JR Jewelers, we understand finding the perfect jewelry for yourself or a loved one takes time, and we believe rushed service is poor service. When you visit our online jewelry store, feel free to browse our vast selection of the finest wedding rings, engagement rings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants and more — and take as much time as you need. We’re here to make your visit to the best online jeweler a wonderful experience.


Buy Jewelry From the Experts

Why do so many individuals and couples trust JR Jewelers? They know our reputation for offering sophisticated, whimsical, stylish and beautiful fine jewelry for men and women. During our years in business, we’ve had the privilege to build relationships with people from the United States and beyond. You deserve to have a go-to jeweler who understands your taste and can provide you with individualized recommendations. Our team is devoted to making sure your jewelry purchase is one that will be proudly worn for life.


Find Stylish, Elegant Engagement and Wedding Rings

When you find the right engagement ring or wedding band, you know it. JR Jewelers features a diverse selection of engagement and wedding jewelry so you can find the pieces that are best-suited to your preferred taste and budget. From diamonds to platinum, our variety is second-to-none. Plus, you’ll always get our 30-day guarantee on any jewelry item you buy.

His and Hers Wedding Rings - Gold, Platinum, etc
His and Hers Wedding Rings - by Artcarved, Danhov and Scott Kay
His & Hers Wedding Rings
We carry a large selection of unique His & Hers Wedding rings in a variety of precious metals to include; gold wedding rings, platinum wedding rings, and palladium wedding rings.
ArtCarved Engagement Rings, Danhov Wedding Bands
Share your love in the deepest way with designers ArtCarved, Triton, Breuning, KC Designs and Danhov His & Hers Wedding Rings!


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Your customized jewelry shopping experience is as close as JR Jewelers — the best online jewelry store. Whether you’re shopping for that special someone or you’re looking for a little something for yourself, we’re always ready to treat you to an incredible assortment of gemstones and precious metals to create that perfect piece of jewelry you’ll treasure forever.

ArtCarved - Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands